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Well this went better than expected!  It fits the theme and isn't entirely broken!

Behold my entry for the Ludum Dare 41 Jam - a text-based real-time strategy game!


 - Totally authentic Day/Night cycle.  
 - Fully functional upgrade system.
 - Tactical espionage action.
 - Over 200 lines of written dialogue.
 - Stunning programmer art.
 - Sporadic nonfatal errors (probably).


  •  Added zip file download link.
  • Added speed control! Type 'FAST' or 'SLOW' to change the game speed.
  • Added the ability to RECRUIT new peasants.  This should keep the game's pace running along.  Thanks to those that suggested it!
  • Added a help menu.  Mouseover the question mark in the bottom right corner for a handy cheat sheet!
  • The Baron can now recruit as well!  Also slight balance modifications.


Your arch rival - the Baron - has declared war, and it's up to you to command your castle and its inhabitants in order to secure victory!


The goal of the game is to build up your resources while fending off attacks from your enemy.  Gather resources, repair your walls, and launch scouting missions to prepare you for future assaults.  Upgrade your fortress to harry attackers and give your own men advantages.


The game uses a text-based interface.  Type in keywords to access your various options and survey your castle and its surroundings.  If you get stuck, type HELP - this will give you a rundown of the main commands.

Good luck and have fun!

Tips and Tricks:

A foolish Lord throws away his men on pointless attacks.  Have patience, build up your forces slowly, and launch an assault with larger numbers for devastating impact!

A Lord is only as strong as the population he controls.  Look after your peasants and your peasants will look after you!

A strong garrison is only necessary when you are under siege.  Make use of your garrisoned troops by REMOVEing them in peacetime and ADDing them back when the enemy is at the gates!

Install instructions

Download the installer or zip file and double click to install!


A Tale of Two Towers Latest.zip 2 MB
A Tale of Two Towers Zip.zip 2 MB
A Tale of Two Towers Installer.exe 15 MB

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