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My second Ludum Dare, and this one turned out much like the first - a broken piece of shit! Oh well, let's do a dissection:

I was aiming for a little RPG in gamemaker, Link to the Past-style. It was going to have a neat little story and everything. About a world in a shoebox. Then I ran out of time and I still hadn't figured out why my signposts were working properly in some rooms and not others. Ah, what could've been…

The fact that anything is being uploaded at all is an absolute miracle. Big thanks to HeartBeast for his tutorial series - they got me from zero to here, which is progress!

Outstanding bugs/issues:

- The text in some signs appears above the dialogue box object. I think it's something to do with my display_scale variable but I don't have the gas to figure it out!

- Sometimes crashes when attacking an enemy. Not sure what causes this but is probably related to obj_damage.

- No 'Game Over' screen. I JUST RAN OUT OF TIME OK.

- Controller support is implemented but not tested so...y'know...play at your own risk.

- No sounds. Again, timings!

Ah well, I had a lot of fun and learned a bunch about coding in GameMaker. Next time - BETTER SCOPING!


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